Monday, October 11, 2010

The last chapter in my book may be considered "long-winded". I make no apology for it. The information will be required sooner or later. I wrote it as the information tumbled out and still it didn't cover all that I had learned and experienced, still continue to learn. My sequel is already in the pipeline. Thank you for buying and reading my book. Hope it helps you. By buying it, marks the first step to making things better for your family, well done!

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Heart For Abused Children Around the world

Upon the release of my book, A Butterfly Landed An Eagle, I have donated my share of the proceeds to World Visions Rescue of enslaved children. Abused, emotionally damaged children sold into slavery. World Vision buys them back to rehabilitate them in Christian love. May God richly bless the sale of my book in this work via World Vision & World Visions Rescue Programme. Liz Laine

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Butterfly Landed An Eagle

A Butterfly Landed An Eagle

My hindsight as your foresight, for informed, better choices, and less mistakes. To protect from and prevent emotional damage.
I am the person today because of the 27 years of hell I endured as the wife of a doctor with bipolar disorder. My Christian faith, Bible study, self-development courses, wide reading and prayer, brought me through as a whole person.
I write in the hope that my hindsight will help others make informed choices, like how to deal with mental illness with respect to his/her partner and protect children in the relationship.
I am avidly working on the sequel to my book. I hope my book brings some clarity in what is a complex and difficult mental illness. Most of all, it is up to the unaffected partner to protect the children from emotional abuse and damage as a priority over the relationship, particularly when the illness is mismanaged. All the children have is the well parent.